BEPOS Effinergie

Houses certified "BEPOS Effinergie"

Antiseismic Standard

Our constructions follow all anti "earthquake" regulations


100% Organic

All our houses are certified 100% controlled organic origin

Premium Construction

Passive houses without extra construction costs and built with quality materials


Maïna Promotion

As part of GROUP LORELAÏ, Maïna Gefico benefits from the power of the group, which allows us to reduce our production costs as much as possible in order to propose real estate programs to RE2020 standards without extra cost. Maïna Promotion is the only promoter certified Passiv'Haus Premium.

We build 80% of real estate programs for individuals, first-time buyers such as residents in Spain, and real estate investment funds.

With a solid 35-year experience home construction, we started to build RT2012-labeled programs very early. In constant contact with "Effinergie", we and our main suppliers always have improved the quality of our homes.

Today, we are able to build high quality, solid, anti-seismic, passive houses with a modern and functional layout.

The BETEKA COREVI company, also part of LORELAÏ group, takes care of the construction phase of all our houses. There is no subcontracting.

Our architects, highly qualified and graduated Passiv'Haus Premium, ensure a meticulous follow-up of the constructions in order to always guarantee a premium quality to our customers.

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Our business

Ecological real estate promotion in Spain.

In terms of ecological buildings, is far behind. 

 So far the RT2012 standard is not mandatory yet, while the RE2020 is due to be implemented throughout Europe on January 1st, 2021. We have an expertise and ahead in passive house construction. Each year, all our houses will increase their value more than houses built with current Spanish standards, which will seem obsolete compared to our constructions.

What is the RE2020 standard?

The RE2020 standard plans passive houses with very low energy consumption that can be turned into positive houses.
What can be easier than switching to a positive house on the Spanish Costa Blanca, with 320 days of sunshine a year?
In addition to building ecological, you are building up an estate with strong growth potential for capital gain.

Almajada Project

14 Very High Quality houses

To be delivered by 2022


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